What is the difference between the Epicurean and Standard Market Shares?

The difference between the Epicurean share and the Standard Market is Epicureans receive everything we grow, the first portions of a new variety that ripens; out of our fields, and a slightly larger amount.


How large is a produce share and how do I determine which share will work for the needs of my family?

We recommend that a single box will more than like meet the needs of one vegetarian or two individuals of mixed diet.  This will vary based on your dietary needs and how many meals you make at home.  The volume of a single box is approximate a half bushel and is equivalent to a half paper grocery bag.  


What happens if I can’t make my pick-up time and date?

We ask that you contact us by email or phone as soon as you know there will be a change in your schedule.  You will have many options to choose from.  It is possible for you to make special arrangements with us to pick-up at the farm; we have a walk-in cooler to keep your items fresh for you.  If you pick-up at one of our off site establishments they may be able to hold your goods as well; this will be based on the location and what they are capable of providing.  On numerous associations we have doubled the shareholders produce plans the following week.  The sooner you contact us the more we have to better plan the proper distribution for you. 


Can I customize my shares based on my dietary restrictions

and my families’ likes and dislikes?

Yes, you are able to customize your share.  When signing up please let us know on your application what your restrictions are and we will make note on your member name tag.  We will do our best to select an alternative item for the one that does not work for you when filling your share.  If you are a shareholder picking up at the farm you will have options as well when filling up the canvas bag that is provided for you.


Where does your produce come from?

The produce from our 18 week spring/fall Community Supported Agriculture (June - October) share plan is grown at our farm here in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Our nine week fruit distribution plan is an option that is available for pick-up at this same time frame is from a Chicago based, wholesale distributor.  They have a USDA Certified Organic packaging Certificate that allows them to package goods without contamination issues.  


We offer produce through a Cooperative (January - June) and work with the same Chicago based company.  Early spring crops from our fields will be included with this share starting Mid-May.  





Frequently Asked Questions

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