Thank you for your interest in the Goat Walking Program 


Goat Walking is a wonderful way to connect with nature, people, and yourself! By volunteering you are helping the goats get additional a fresh source of food while they graze.  On Saturdays (12:00 & 3:00) or Thursdays (5:30) we invite you to come out to the farm. We ask that you email us to reserve a time slot. 


Volunteers must be at least 6 years old. If the volunteer is a minor we require the parent or guardian to monitor their children all times while walking the goats.  Goat walking time frame may vary but we would like the goats to have at least a half-hour of activity.  


Please take the time to fill out this form then, email, fax, or bring them by the Farm. If you do not have access to a printer copies of this document will be available at the farm for you to fill out.  


Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering                   

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Crème de la Crop. Your time is valuable and your generosity and efforts are appreciated. Our volunteers are an important part of our growing and diverse community. Please read the following and answer the below questions to help us get better acquainted with you.  This information is general and not meant to include specific information.


Do I have to be a shareholder of the Community Supported Agriculture program to volunteer? 

No… volunteering will enrich the lives of everyone.


Why do people volunteer at Crème de la Crop? 

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Most people volunteer because they want to give back to their communities. Many people experience life changes that open their daily calendars in such a way that volunteering becomes an opportunity that they might not otherwise experience. Some of our volunteers want just want to get better connected with nature. 


Can I bring my dog with me? 

No pets are allowed in work areas and pets cannot be left in cars.


Can children volunteer at Crème de la Crop? 

Volunteers must be 6 years and older. A legal guardian must accompany children at all times.


What kind of time commitment does a volunteer need to make? 

We ask for a commitment of at least 30 minutes per visit.  Please make reservation requests via email and time slots are set up on a first request basis. Include in the email if you are selecting the 12:00 or 3:00 time frame, the names of the helpers and their ages.


What if I am sick or running late?

Call or text us if you will be running late or there is a sudden change in your schedule. 


Procedures and Recommendations 


  • Please keep the safety of the goats in mind at all times.  

  • Wear clothing appropriate for gardening activities.  You may want to layer and have a backpack with you containing a few clothing options.  The weather conditions change frequently and we do want you to be as comfortable as possible. We recommend wearing lighter colors that reflect heat and deter insects.

  • For your protection, please do wear sunscreen or other appropriate covers; the sun is hot, and will burn you.

  • Please stay out of the garden area because the goats will end up grazing on our crops.

  • Keep the goats away from all farm machinery, the manufacturing faculty, any building on the property and areas where there might be vehicle traffic.  

  • Hydration is very important. Please bring a refillable water container with you. Feel free to bring a small cooler with you.

  • Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes or artificially scented products; any artificially scented products attract mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects.

  • Treat each area within Crème de la Crop and all equipment with care. 

  • Treat staff members and other volunteers with respect. Show good judgment, upmost through your actions and choices.  Please respect the privacy of Crème de la Crop visitors. 

  • Please don’t bring radios, iPods, musical instruments, or pets. They can be a distraction to the animals and others. 


Non-Discriminatory Statement

It is the policy of Crème de la Crop not to discriminate on race, color, creed, age, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disabling conditions.  We believe that all persons are created equally and we revere and welcome diversity.  We treat each person, volunteer, apprentice, employee, and customer, equally with respect. We will not participate in discriminatory behaviors, nor will we tolerate that behavior from anyone on our properties.  



Goat Walking Program

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